NEED A TRANSFUSION? Transmission fluid is the vital lifeblood of your vehicle. It should be checked every 10,000 miles. Low fluid almost always indicates a leak or malfunction in the transmission. Leaking fluid is your transmission's way of yelling for help.

Fluid color should be red and clear. If it is dark brown, black or cloudy, you may have a malfunction. At the very least, the fluid and filter needs to be changed.

WHAT'S THAT NOISE? Be aware of changes in driving characteristics of your auto. Late or early shifting, or noises of any kind should be diagnosed immediately, both from the standpoint of economy and safety. The "quiet" vehicle that operates properly is a safe vehicle.

Excessive heat is the major cause of premature transmission failure. The vehicle's cooling system should be checked regularly for faulty parts. Additional coolers can be installed if necessary.

It isn't just the extreme outside temperature that causes the transmission to overheat. Rocking back and forth when you are stuck in snow (or mud for that matter) will cause excessive heat inside the transmission. The consequence is transmission failure.

Heavy loads also will cause overheating and can reduce the life of your transmission fluid tremendously. Pulling trailers or snow plowing all put an extra burden on the transmission.

Proper engine tune up is extremely important to the life of the transmission. Some transmissions use engine vacuum to control shift quality and hydraulic pressure. With those types of autos, it becomes even more critical to keep the engine purring.

Early diagnosis and repair are without a doubt your best bet when it comes to minimizing vehicle operating costs. Left unattended, minor malfunctions almost always lead to major (read expensive) repairs.

USE THE TELEPHONE TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS ONLY Don't expect a technician to diagnose your vehicle over the phone. A good technician will not diagnose over the phone. He needs to put the vehicle through a series of diagnostic tests to correctly determine any problems and a treatment plan.

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